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"Can't we have a funeral on Tomobiki?

Tomobiki is a Chinese concept of the "six hues" that was introduced to Japan and took root there.

The six hues are as follows

First to win (meaning "first to win, first to win"). It is said that it is good to hurry in all things.

The first loss (meaning "if you lose first, you lose immediately"). It is said that it is good to be calm in all things, and that one should avoid games and urgent business.

Buddha's death (meaning "a day so bad that even Buddha will be destroyed"). It is considered to be the most evil day of the six.

Da-an (meaning "a day of great peace". It is considered the most auspicious day of the six.

Akakuchi (This day is considered to be a bad day to do anything because the Akakuchi God worries sentient beings. However, only noon seems to be a good day. The day of the year is called "the day of the year.

The original meaning of Tomobiki is "the day of the year".

The original meaning of Tomobiki was "no game, both sides retreat," and it was considered a day of good fortune with no game. Somewhere along the way, people began to think that holding a funeral on Tomobiki meant "inviting a friend to die, or withdrawing in death.

From a Buddhist point of view, there is nothing to be concerned about.

However, the popular belief of Tomobiki has become famous throughout the country, and it has even become customary for crematoriums and funeral service providers to observe this day as a holiday.

Therefore, it is difficult to hold a funeral on Tomobiki.


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