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Hand paper memorial service


We accept letter memorial service

We accept letters as a memorial service at Jorakuji Temple, the family temple of Hisoka Maejima, the father of the postal service.

The handwritten characters are heartfelt.

The letter written in my own handwriting is memorable.

Letters from people who are close to you, and new year's cards with thoughtfulness,

I love each and every one of them

We are ordinary husbands.

"I can't stand to just throw it in the trash."

I received many such voices

We are cooking at Jorakuji Temple.

We will cook after reading the sutras and offering a memorial service at the main hall.

If you have a request, please see below.


About application


So as not to burden you even a little

Still, so that you can work for cloth enforcement.

At Jorakuji Temple, you will be asked to pay the donations with "stamps".

Please enclose a stamp that is about one tenth of the letter you wish to bake (just a guide, it can be at least as many as you like).


Please send a letter to the address below if you would like to have it cooked.


2-30-5 Ashina, Yokosuka City, Kanagawa Prefecture

Jorakuji Temple

"Letter memorial service"

At the time of the memorial service, the owner's name will be read aloud, so please write the reading in the full name.

"Frequently Asked Questions"

① "When should I make a memorial service?"
Answer: We accept memorial services all year round. You can also use the latest New Year's card. Please apply at your own timing. A memorial service is also held at the revision meeting on January 1st, the beginning of the year.

② "How much should I wrap Fuse?"

Answer: The letter memorial service is basically given by stamps, but you can substitute it. In addition, although it is about one tenth of the letter you send, I think that the number may increase, so please pay your own feelings as a gift to the extent that it does not burden your life.

③ "Why should I send it?"

Answer: It doesn't matter which carrier you use. You may bring it directly to the temple. * Even if you bring it directly, you cannot make a memorial service on the spot.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

For other inquiries, please contact below

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