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​Knowledge of worship

[Knowledge of worship]

Visit the temple with no anger, no hatred, no jealousy, calm and modest.

Don't bother to pollute yourself by visiting a temple. Look at the legs.

1. Take off your headgear, head to the main hall, head to the main idol (Amitabha Buddha), and join hands in a bow.

2. Visit the graves of successive priests, offer incense sticks at the graves, and then praise them with a single bow.

3. Please visit the grave of your ancestors. At the graves of your ancestors, please clean the graves, offer flowers and incense sticks, and praise them with a single bow.


4. Finally, please finish your visit in front of the main hall with a bow and a prayer.


* The same applies to general worshipers except for visiting the grave.

* On the day of the event, we do not allow visitors to see Unkei Buddha in the rain. note that.

* The tenth thought is that Amida Buddha's wish to "make sure to save the one that honors the Buddha" was fulfilled, and Amida Buddha will come to the rescue with the voice of the Buddha as a landmark. Please do not forget to praise the Buddha when you visit, so that it will meet the heart of Amida Buddha.


* Except for Unkei Buddha, you can visit without reservation.


[Notes on Unkei Buddha visit]

・ Please be sure to record the worshipers.

・ Shooting is prohibited inside the warehouse.

・ Please take off your headgear.

・ Please do not bring large luggage into the warehouse.

・ Because it is in front of the Buddha, please be quiet and refrain from speaking privately.

・ Please refrain from taking time such as drawing a picture.

* The book is not open every day at Jorakuji Temple.
The chief priest, deputy chief priest, and volunteers will guide you according to the visit reservations.
* Please be punctual and respectful when making reservations.


​​ * Admission reservations are accepted between 10:00 and 15:00.


​​ * We do not accept year-end and New Year holidays from December 18th to January 7th. note that.

* We do not accept orders during Obon and equinoctial week.

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