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History relive

reliving historical events

At Jorakuji Temple, we offer a re-experience of the Buddhist master "Unkei" and a re-experience of the samurai Kamakura "Yoshimori Wada".

● Virtual Unkei application experience

● Application training

● Sutra-copying training

● Coloring training

● Statue training

Supports all 4 languages ​​(Japanese, English, 2 Chinese, French)

Please enjoy Japan's first experience.


Virtual Unkei application experience

Just as the Miura clan warlord "Wada Yoshimori" who supported the establishment of the Kamakura Shogunate requested and applied for Unkei Buddha in Jorakuji, the experiencer wore VR goggles and in the virtual image of 3D VR, his own It is a program to pray and decide to make a wish to Unkei Buddha.

Experience fee 3,000 yen (including admission fee)

Approximately 60 minutes (30 minutes for application training + 30 minutes for admission guidance)


Sutra-copying training (copying experience)

Along with copying the Amida sutras by learning from the sutras called "Unkei Gankyo" (deposited at the Kyoto National Museum, a national treasure), the experiencers express their various wishes in writing along with the Dharani sutras. , A program to apply for dedication to Virtual Unkei Buddha.

Experience fee 4,000 yen (including admission fee)

Approximately 90 minutes (60 minutes for sutra-copying training + 30 minutes for viewing information)


Coloring training (Buddha image coloring experience)

Just as Unkei sculpted a Buddhist statue, you can experience coloring with a part of the statue based on the mini Buddha statue created by the actual Buddhist priest, Eimasa Kajitani, and the experiencer expresses his various wishes in a book with a copy of Dharani. , A program to apply for dedication to Virtual Unkei Buddha. Direct guidance from Buddhist master Takayuki Kajitani. You can take the Buddha statue home after the end.

If you buy a drawstring bag, you can carry it as a self-defense Buddha.

Experience fee 12,000 yen (including admission fee)
Approximately 150 minutes (120 minutes for statue training + 30 minutes for viewing information)

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