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Jorakuji morning market

Location: Jorakuji entrance

Date and time: Every Saturday and Sunday 9: 00-15: 00

Asaichi morning market

Ashina morning market is held every Saturday from 9:00 to 15:00 in the precincts of Jorakuji Temple.

Fresh Miura Yokosuka vegetables, fresh seafood from Sajima, and tuna from Misaki are on sale.

At the vegetable counter, colorful seasonal vegetables are lined up and sold directly by the producers, so you can talk about delicious ways to eat and recommended meals.

At the fish counter, you can also find seasonal and lively seafood. There are spiny lobster, abalone, turban shell, squid and local fish.

If you are lucky, you can bake it on the spot and eat it.

Since it is along R134, there are many people who stop by for sightseeing, and cars of various numbers are lined up.

In addition, it seems that there are many restaurants and housewives who are particular about ingredients because of their freshness and cheapness.

Please drop in on a sunny day.

* The morning market is not operated by Jorakuji Temple.

* Jorakuji is not responsible for any troubles in the morning market.

* Please use the parking lot in the precincts. Please be aware that this is a parking lot exclusively for Danish believers.

* Jorakuji cannot be contacted by the morning market.

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