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Temple poetry

It is said that in the Edo era, there were many banquets at Jorakuji Temple. Even now, the board used at the time of the festival at that time remains. Recently, many senryu and haiku have been featured on TV and the Internet, and poetry is being revived. We are looking for poems with interesting perspectives that are backed up by the talents and experiences of everyone hidden in Jorakuji, and we decided to distribute them on this Jorakuji newsletter and on our website. It can be anonymous. Please apply.

"We are looking for poetry"

It can be haiku, senryu, song, poetry, or poetry. Of course, if it's senryu, you don't need seasonal words. Applications up to the 20th of each month will be introduced in the next month's temple newsletter. Please send it to Jorakuji by letter or post it to the reception box set up in the main hall. Alternatively, we will accept the comment form below.

We look forward to a lot of your application.

Email address Address 2-30-5 Ashina, Yokosuka City, 2400104

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