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Temple Exhibition Art Gallery

Held every year on March 3rd to coincide with the special exhibition of Unkei Buddha

Hours: 10: 00-15: 00

Location: Jorakuji Main Hall

What is the Tera Exhibition?

The Tera Exhibition is an event where works are exhibited in the main hall as a gallery, and you can enjoy art in a quiet space with incense. Art in a solemn atmosphere can be enjoyed in a slightly different way. In addition, it is such an event that you can calm your mind and watch as you like while the time flows slowly. There are books for sale and origami for free distribution inside, and since it is a free event, please come for a walk.

Looking for exhibitors

The Tera exhibition was originally held for the purpose of bustling the main hall by displaying the works of the Dan family. However, since it was very popular last time, we decided to recruit exhibitors and expand the place of exchange in order to invite more people to visit, expand the temple community, and lower the threshold. Please use the form below to contact us.

Looking for store openings

The Tera exhibition will be held in conjunction with the special opening of the Unkei Buddha in spring. Every year on a sunny day, there are about 1000 people visiting. With the holding of the Tera exhibition, the number of worshipers will continue to increase. We are holding restaurants and product sales in the precincts. The opening fee is free. Please use the contact form below to contact us.

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