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Over the Miura clan


Unkei and BUSHIDO

In Reiwa 2nd year Agency for Cultural Affairs project

At 4 temples in Yokosuka related to the Miura clan

AR history manga can now be viewed.

First of all, from the link below

See the mystery of the Miura clan and Unkei.

List of temples related to the Miura clan

A temple related to Yoshimori Wada.

You can see the "Unkei Buddha statue" by Important Cultural Property.


Temple related to Yoshiaki Miura

You can see the "Yoshiaki Miura Statue" by Important Cultural Property.


A temple related to Yoshiren Sahara.

You can see the Important Cultural Property of Jizo Bodhisattva and Kannon Bodhisattva.


A temple related to the Miura clan.

You can see the Important Cultural Property "Takimi Kannon Statue".


AR history manga & multilingual commentary signboard


Bird's eye view

Precinct map installed at the entrance of each temple

At the entrance of each temple, a signboard with explanations in multiple languages ​​(English, Chinese, French) was set up along with the connection.

You can view it in multiple languages ​​by scanning it with a QR code.



Commentary signboard

Signs with 5 to 11 historical stories were set up at each temple. You can view it in multiple languages by scanning the QR code. The story hidden in the temple is valuable and full of interesting things to know its history.


AR history manga

A story related to each temple

After reading the QR code, you can see the historical manga by holding it over the AR marker. There, the warlords and Unkei of the Kamakura period appear, and there is a story that reveals the inside of the heart ...



Following in the footsteps of the Miura clan, there is BUSHIDO, which can be said to be the spirituality of the Japanese. It will be a meaningful tour of temples, whether you are on a journey to review yourself or to know the aspirations of Japan.

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