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Temple counseling room

* Jorakuji does not offer telephone consultations.

note that. Please be sure to send us an email when you consult us.

Talking about your worries,

It's time to get rid of your worries.

We accept consultations by email only.



Shaka is a doctor of the heart. It is Mr. Shaka who has given guidance to each person's worries in order to lead to the path of Buddha. Using that teaching, we can solve modern problems. "This is also the role of the temple," he started this WEB counseling room. Due to legal affairs, we do not accept telephone calls, but we will accept consultations by email. Please write in an email what you find painful now.

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Jorakuji WEB consultation counter

Sent a message

* We have received a consultation, but some people cannot send it because the reply e-mail address is incorrect. Please be sure to confirm your e-mail address when you consult with us.

* We will respond to the inquiries during legal affairs. We may ask you to contact us by phone, but we only accept emails. We will reply to you in order. Please wait for a reply. note that.

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Telephone counseling room for heart and life

* For inquiries by phone, please contact this phone number.


* This is not the consultation desk for Jorakuji Temple. This is a telephone consultation desk operated by the Jodo Shu Tomoiki Foundation. Trained monks and temple wives will talk to you.

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