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Zodiac visits

Visiting the eight Buddha sacred sites

Wishing for the power to live and the auspiciousness of life

Prayer spot

Visit the ancient temple 8 ゕ temple on the Miura Peninsula

* Opening period / April 15th to May 15th every year


"Prayers / Benefits"

Physical and mental health, family safety, disease-free breathing, good luck

Traffic safety, prosperous business, fulfillment of good luck, prayer for children

● What is the Zodiac Guard Principal?

The twelve zodiac signs are located in the eight Buddhas associated with the zodiac. To be correct, it is called "Ichidai Mamoru Honzon", and by believing in each Honzon, you will not only gain the power to live and bring about the auspiciousness of your life, but also receive the benefits of extinguishing disasters and prolonging your life.

・ The principal image of a child-year-old born-Senju Kannon

・ The principal image of the Tora-year-old born-Kokuzo Bosatsu

・ The principal image of the Rabbit-Bunshu Bosatsu

・ Tatsumi Samantabhadra-Samantabhadra

・ The principal idol born at the age of the horse-Mahasthamaprapta

・ The principal image of an undeclared year-old born-Dainichi Nyorai

・ Rooster-year-old principal image-Fudo Myoo

・ The principal image of the year-old born-Amitabha

Miura Peninsula

"Zodiac Guard Principal" Hachibu Sacred Ground

It is truly precious to set the defensive principal as one's great defensive principal, to seek profit and peace of mind, and to deepen devotion. Recently, the "Zodiac Guardian Holy Land" was opened by eight ancient temples on the Miura Peninsula. Two temples near Keikyu Kurihama station, two temples near Misakiguchi station, and the Miura Peninsula's sacred mountain Takeyama Fudo, Ashina, Hayama, and finally Zushi Daishi Enmei-ji in front of Keikyu Shin-Zushi station and everything in one day You can worship. The entire process is 50 km from Sahara I / C on the Yokosuka Road to Zushi I / C. Spring back. I would like to take a leisurely tour with my family.

Reception period

At each sacred place, the guardian deity is opened every year from April 15th to May 15th. In addition, during the period, colored paper, amulets, and red stamps will be given at each temple as proof of worship.

Knowledge of worship

Please keep in mind that the temple is a solemn place and does not bother other worshipers. Also, since it is a sanctuary for worshiping Buddha, please do not pollute your heart.

About the red stamp

During the reception period, it will be given as a proof of your visit. The red stamp is originally given as a proof of the prayer paid by the sutras. Don't forget that it is part of your training. Reception is from 8am to 5pm.

Manners of worship

1. Ichirei Gassho before entering the mountain

* Take off your headgear

2. Wash your hands and cleanse yourself at the cleansing area.

3. Worship the principal idol at the main hall.

4. Visit other temples.

5. When you have finished your visit, get a red stamp at the delivery office. Please be polite.

6. If you have any guidance, please follow the guidance and visit the precincts.

7. Go out of the precincts, look back, and give a bow again.

On a pilgrimage

Eight sacred sites


Miura Peninsula Zodiac Guard Principal

Choanji Temple / Denfukuji Temple / Myonji Temple / Enjuji Temple / Takeyamafudoin / Jorakuji Temple / Tamazoin / Enmei-ji Temple

Zushi / Hayama / Yokosuka / Miura

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