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Simultaneous large opening once every 132 years

Great Kaichō service

Miura Peninsula Sacred Ground

Miura Yakushi Nyorai Sacred Ground

Miura Fudo Myoo Sacred Ground

This year will be the year of simultaneous opening once every 132 years, when the opening of Miura Yakushi Nyorai once every 33 years and the opening of Miura Fudoson once every 12 years overlap.

At Jorakuji Temple, the secret Buddha, Yakushi Nyorai, will be kept in the Kaichō from the neighboring Muryoji Temple in line with the Fudo Myo of Unkei Buddha, which is a nationally designated important cultural property. We will be involved in both opening books as a temple. We are delighted to have been blessed with this rare opportunity, and we will be happy to accommodate all of our worshipers. We have set up a temple introduction page for each Kaichō, so please check the Kaichō temple there. We pray for all of you to have a fruitful worship.

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