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Jorakuji denomination



[Sect] "Jodo sect"

[Sousou] Honen Fusagen Kujojin

[Opening] 5th year of Jōan (Kamakura period 1175 AD)

[Honzon] Amida Nyorai

[Training] Specialized Buddha

[ Dogma] Any human being who deeply believes in the vows of Amida Buddha and praises the name of Buddha can be saved from his foolishness and sinfulness, freed from all suffering, and live a bright and peaceful life. It can be done, improved to a good human being, and born in the western paradise.


"Honenbo" Genku Chosho 2nd year to Kenryaku 2nd year (1133-1212) Generally, it is called Honen Shonin. I was born on April 7, 1133, in what is now Kumenan Town, Kume District, Okayama Prefecture. The childhood name is Seijimaru. His father, Uruma Tokikuni, was slaughtered at night and was priestly priest, advising him to give up revenge, saying in his will, "Let's leave the chain of grudges." Is there a way to show extraordinary abilities and aspirations, study under a number of teachers, and save all those who suffer in this world indiscriminately? I continued to seek that path. I stayed in the Kyozo myself, unraveled the thousands of volumes of the complete collection of the scriptures called "Zenkyo," and read them over and over again. Such a Honen superior was touted as "the first Honen bunch of wisdom" at Mt. Hiei, where the best scholars in Japan at that time gathered, but he could not find a teaching that would save everyone. Meanwhile, Shandao Daishi, a Chinese priest, wrote "Amitabha, who is dedicated to the name of Amitabha, and who does not abandon it regardless of the time of the pilgrimage. "Because I obey the wishes of the Buddha.", I realized that Amida Buddha would save everyone if I just praised the Nembutsu. It was in the spring of the 5th year of Jōan (1175), when my superior was 43 years old.

Namu Amida Butsu

Nembutsu is to praise aloud as "Namu Amida Butsu". By praising the Nembutsu, anyone can welcome Amida Nyorai from Sukhavati Jodo at the time of their death. This is the most important teaching and work of the Jodo sect. In general, some people think that they will praise the deceased's bodhi for a memorial service, but originally, the legally superior "If you live, you will come to the Pure Land, if you die. . Even if it's very difficult, if you don't think that there is nothing you can't think of, you won't have any trouble with life and death. ” As the words indicate, praising the Buddhist deity in your life is the god of Amida Nyorai. It suits your heart. In other words, it is important to praise you in your life. When everyone looks back on themselves, there are various things, such as a "greedy heart" that wants this and that, a "heart of irritability" that gets angry if you don't do what you want, and a "foolish heart" that doesn't understand the essence of things. I notice that I am suffering from anxiety every day. Even if you are not that good, you can praise the Buddha and welcome you to paradise at the end of your life. This is the merit of Nembutsu and the most important teaching. We hope that all of you who have become Nembutsu sect will praise as many Nembutsu as possible and spend your days "bright, correct, and friendly." Namu Amida Buddha is a word made by overlapping the two words "Namu" and "Amitabha". "Nanmu" is an old Indian word (Sanskrit) that means "devote". To put it simply, it means "please" . Then, if you translate "Amitabha Buddha" literally, it means "Amitabha, thank you for your cooperation."


Jorakuji Temple

2-30-5 Ashina, Yokosuka City, Kanagawa Prefecture


Unkei / Amitabha triad / Apotropaic magic Fudo Myo / Kaiun Bishamonten / Nationally designated important cultural property

Yoshimori Wada / Masako Hojo / Minamoto no Yoritomo / Nana Amitabha / Shochojuin / Kaichō

Maejima Hisoka / Founder of the modern postal system / Father of postal services

Miura Peninsula Zodiac Visit Hachibu Sacred Ground / Miura Fudo Sacred Ground / Miura Jizo Sacred Ground / Miura Bishamon Ten Sacred Ground

Namu Amida Butsu

Honen Shonin / Jodo Sect / Omotoyama Jodo-ji Temple / Shirahata Jakukei Ryojo Shonin

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