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Jorakuji Pet Memorial Tomb

Club Ichidokoro = Meet with Amida-sama's Sukhavati Jodo, as a reminder.

Today, pets are a member of the family. I think it's a pain to have a member of my family passed away.

A pet memorial tomb was erected at Jorakuji Temple so that the owner would not regret it so that he could see him off properly.

Some owners blame themselves. I can understand the painful feelings. People who keep pets hard and love them will think so. However, like human beings, death is destined to be irresistible no matter how hard it may be.

If your favorite owner is sad and blames you, your deceased pets will be sad too.

As a place where you can talk, "Thank you for spending time with me" and "It was fun, I'm glad I met you."

Don't forget to bury a member of your family in a pet grave and visit.

Initial cost

Management fee


Bone payment fee 20,000 yen

Ishiya fee 3,000 yen

At the time of bone donation, we will make a memorial service in front of the memorial grave. If you would like to have a memorial service at the main hall, please ask.

(Separately provided)

Memorial grave management fee 0 yen

Stupa memorial service at animal memorial service

3,000 yen per spirit

* Only for those who wish

Pet memorial service is held twice a year.

Spring equinoctial week / autumn equinoctial week

(Last day of equinoctial week) Both equinoctial week

[Cremation and bone laying]

If the animals are unfortunately gone, they will be cremated and memorialized as remains.

Small animals kept at home in Yokosuka City can be cremated at the small animal cremation facility (1-26 Kugocho, telephone 836-4195) for a fee.

You can either bring it directly to the facility or request it to be collected at your home. In either case, if you wish, we will return the burnt bone at a later date.

<Contact for animal cremation in Yokosuka City>

Resource Recycling Department Resource Recycling Promotion Section

11 Ogawa-cho, Yokosuka City Main Building No. 1 4th floor <Mail: Delivered by "Resource Recycling Promotion Division, 238-8550">

Phone number: 046-822-8469

Fax: 046-823-0865

[About the transfer of animal memorial services]

An animal memorial service will be held at the main hall on the last day of the equinoctial week (the last day of the equinoctial week) on both equinoctial week and autumn equinoctial week. We will notify you, but if you do not participate without contacting us, we will not notify you next time. If you need to be notified next time, please contact us.

[About the stupa memorial service]

At the animal memorial service, we accept applications for memorial services for animal spirits by stupas. Please apply directly to Jorakuji Temple.

Stupa memorial service fee 3,000 yen per spirit


Jorakuji priest

2-30-5 Ashina, Yokosuka-shi Phone 046-856-8622

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