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Request a business trip method



My name is Kenmi Shinyo, the deputy chief priest of Jorakuji Temple. While serving as a deputy chief priest, he is engaged in business such as tourism policy and personnel introduction on the Miura Peninsula, and wears two pairs of straw shoes to preach Buddhism between Buddhism and the world.

Jodo sect Omotoyama Komyoji cloth teacher

Jodo-shu cloth teacher



At the temple, we will teach only the Nembutsu as a Jodo sect and talk about how to live in this difficult world with less trouble.
By the way, Shaka-sama's teachings are useful for various people.

At the time of corporate training and new employee training, prepare for improvement and about your own life. We will act as an agent depending on the situation, such as the importance of life in the law talk to children and the reason of the world in the elderly home.


Request example

・ One frame of a corporate seminar

・ Moral law talk to elementary school students

・ New employee training "preparation"

・ Improved concentration for preschoolers

・ Elderly Housing with Care Sunday



Life, the right way of life, the right attitude, how to reduce worries, your own values, the meaning of life, the way of business and Buddhism, etc.


Request flow

First of all, please contact us using the contact form below.

We will consult with you after understanding the general situation such as the venue of the law, the audience, the time, the theme, etc.

Please feel free to contact us first.

Form to request a business trip method

Thank you for sending

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