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Jorakuji Cemetery Information

Club Ichidokoro = Meet with Amida-sama's Sukhavati Jodo, as a reminder.

The grave is for our survivors and friends.

Because, in the Jodo sect, it is a Buddhist memorial service of Namu Amida Butsu. In other words, when this life is exhausted

Immediately, Amitabha and Bodhisattva of Kannon will come to pick you up and take you to Sukhavati Jodo.

Therefore, there are no deceased people in the grave.

However, what we have left is that we do not want to forget that sadness forever.

I want to keep the connection with the deceased. That is the tomb and the Buddhist altar.

Mr. Shaka said that such "feelings" are sometimes regarded as "attachment" and are the cause of suffering.

This "feeling" is also a strong force for resuming the Pure Land.

A place to have your own conversation with the deceased.

A place where you can have time alone and calm your mind.

The grave is such a place.

Therefore, it is best to set it in a place that you think is bright.

The graveyard of Jorakuji is Fujimi, which was also loved by the postal father, Maejima Hisoka.

It's not a big temple, but you can communicate closely with it, so

It is safe to change to the next generation.

Please contact us first.

Initial cost

Management fee


The site of the grave will be charged as a permanent fee. I will introduce Ishiya, so I will leave the construction of the grave to you.

・ A memorial service for opening the eyes of the grave

・ Bone-laying ceremony


Maintenance fee 6000 yen per year

Main hall renovation reserve fund 6000 yen per year

Please pay.

・ Segaki memorial service

・ Toya Hosho

・ Annual memorial service

・ If you set up a grave at Jorakuji Temple, you will be asked to convert to the Jodo sect, regardless of the previous religion.

・ We also accept cremated bones. Please contact us.


<By train>

20 minutes by car from JR Line "Zushi Station" and Keihin Kyuko Zushi Line "Zushi Station"

<By bus>

Take the Keikyu Bus from JR "Zushi Station" East Exit No. 2 Platform / Keihin Kyuko Zushi Line "Zushi Station" South Exit No. 1 Platform

For "Nagai" For "Yokosuka Municipal Hospital" For "Sajima Marina" For "Okusu Ashinaguchi"

1 minute walk from the "Jorakuji" bus stop

<By car>

[From JR Line "Zushi Station" / Keihin Kyuko Zushi Line "New Zushi Station"]

Go south on Prefectural Road 24. After passing (Tagoe Bridge), it becomes Prefectural Road 311. Continue south on Route 311. Go straight on the "Nagakara" intersection and enter National Highway No. 134. After 7.2 km, turn left at the "Jorakuji Bus Stop" and the temple is at the end.

[Yokosuka I. From C]

When you get off the interchange, go south as it is. Turn right at the next traffic light after the "Shobuenmae" traffic light. Go straight for 4.2 km, turn right at the "Ogusuyama entrance" signal, and enter National Highway 134. After passing the second "Jorakuji" traffic light, turn right. The end is our temple.

[Kinugasa I. From C]

After passing the "Kinugasa Castle Ruins" intersection, turn right. Follow the road above, turn right at the next "Kinugasa Interchange Entrance" intersection, and go straight on Prefectural Road 26 toward Otawa Bay. Turn right at the "Hayashi Intersection" traffic light and head north on Route 134. After 3 km ahead, turn right after passing the "Jorakuji" traffic light. The end is our temple.

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